• Jocelyne Maréchal

Your Guiding Personal Spirit (GPS)

All individual have a set of celestial energies very personal to each one. These flow through the physical emotional intellectual and other subtle bodies. What fertilizes the very source of life comes from the state of mind we chose to be in. The spirit body dictates the best way to perceive and respond to external events because it is tuned in to the great rhythms that rule your life’s experience.

Our experience of life depends on the relationship we have with our spirit. The moral values that we are respecting or not come from the quality of the relationship the spirit receives from his companion body.  This relationship needs nursing nurturing and nourishing thoughts that are processed consciously through practice. This means being awake and aware of our response to the demands of spirit living in our own own inner Universe as well in tune with the cosmic forces from the outer Universe that nourish and nurture the mental and physical energies necessary to fulfill our destiny.

Breathe with the faith that your Spirit knows your destination, set it free. It knows its way from your heart to the Soul of the world. It will guide you to a life of Love and Peace.

The geometry of the sky in your natal chart was your road map from cosmic life to physical life and it is the starting point of your experience on earth. Your transit chart is your map to the next station … next experience…   That is evolution.


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