• Jocelyne Maréchal

You and your soul's intention. New Moon

Karmic astrology.

What is the sense of setting an intention? Just how do we go about it? Do we intend to change something... to maintain something? Do we strengthen the desire to do or not do something?

The karmic chart reveals the journey of the soul. What she experienced in her previous passage what she accomplished and what is left that she brings with her to continue her journey this time around.

The intention we set must be in tune with her destiny. This is a message that comes from silence.

Life is noisy, we must practice silence to be in peace so as to sense the whispers of the soul.

Have a beautiful day with your soul, listen, anchor your intention in the night... in your dream...

Let her guide you from where you are to who you are to become.

Karmic chart readings will also reveal the contracts your soul made with partners, parents, and children... It is a beautiful way to enhance respect for all you meet.

Karmic chart readings - 1 hour, 125$

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