• Jocelyne Maréchal

What is your light source?

Full Moon, thank you for teaching us about the cycles of life...everyday!

Mother Moon, like you, I know my source of light. Humans have many sources that bring joy, pleasure, kindness...all human sources...smiles...friends, our community.

Mother Moon, there is a source we all feel so deep, a light like no outer light, is this the light I reflect?

Yes, It is. It is your source of light. It is spirit.

The light inspires. "In-spirits" Let the spirit take over your being and light is up, Reflect the beauty of your soul.

This full moon has a very personal and futuristic mission. She is an Aquarian full Moon, new depths, new horizons.

So yes, gather together and celebrate, unite your lights. Then maintain your reflection... through the full cycle.

Shant Joti

Many Blessings


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