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Waves of haze... Neptune

Updated: Jun 7

Today, June 6th, Sun square Mars. This creates sparks for overexpression... overreaction.

Venus retro conjuncts Sun. She was there when the penumbral eclipse happened yesterday. She dances with the Sun and projects a lot of enthusiasm.

Neptune. In Pisces. When the ruler of a sign is in his own domain we say it is exalted. Full power.

We now have Saturn going back in his home, Capricorn. Mars will be entering his domain Aries on June 27th and square Neptune.

So we have powerful influences coming from different sources.

This eclipse is a kick start for a lot of info... yes ! all kinds of narratives... anything goes.

This twilight zone will pass when Mars gets home. We will get back to that on a future blog soon but meanwhile, it is best to be still, not listen to all promises or threats. Scattered news will just divert focus which is much needed now at the dawn of the Aquarian Era.

Stand your grounds, stand still and be beautiful

Shant Joti


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