• Jocelyne Maréchal

Water and electricity... stay anchored

New moon tonight at 4* Scorpio, opposite Uranus in Taurus.

Scorpio is Water, Uranus is electricity and Taurus is Earth... Stay anchored.

In the last few days and for the next week, maybe you have been thinking of some departed dear ones or you have been attracted by ancient ones, their teachings or other matters that are close to your heart. Reflect on the changes you wanted to make but did not yet achieve. Maybe you have had some dream about things you need to release. If not, be aware of your thought orientation and dreams in the next few days. This is about life-death-live... accept the end of a part of yourself with self-compassion and feed the new with joy and kindness. The messages come from far in... they come fast and are very clear under this transit. They will not be ignored.

Check where in your chart are 4* Scorpio and 4* Taurus. This will be a good indication of what to expect and how you can best go about it.


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