• Jocelyne Maréchal

Virus and astrology

Updated: Mar 21

Mars has met with the big guys ... and nature continues to care for itself...

Mars is about armies, wars... We have some leaders that literally think they are going to war with a virus... But now, the game is very different because we have Uranus in Taurus, an unstoppable bull that is running blindly towards the cliff. Pouf... down it went. Well... armies are ready, but ... no need to protect themselves against any virus... Drones are coming to stay!

Uranus is all about new ways. We all pray and think that new ways will be better for s all. New speed always creates gaps between the past and the future.

Keeping this one short, check out what you have paid for... what it is now offering as far as the quality of life. Many countries will now reconsider 5G antennas, the domain of Uranus. Telepathy has become the internet... not bad but that is sure the lowest way to use human potential...

When Mars enters Aries, it will square the guys he now hangs out with... Oh... that will be on my birthday... June 27th!!! be it a week or 10 days before or after, we should stay calm as everything gets back to normal, or what we have come to consider as such.

Enjoy life as it is now passing slowly through the days!

Nature is pushing sap up the trees. soon all tints of green will decorate our view, the color of the heart... then there will be fruits and foods... fresh... slowly breathe end enjoy it all...

Maybe we could consider that normality is Nature's rhythm ... or maybe we need a few more clear messages. My bet is on Mother Nature!


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