• Jocelyne Maréchal

Virgo style

There is no way we can see the size of the coming changes, but we can welcome it!

Virgo is all about transformation and self-transformation. From September 9th, Mars retro, through November 13 ... Some astrologers say that Mars becomes frustrated as he retroes, I think he is home and happy to stay there. So it is time to get back to our inner life, which also means our family life. How to manage the family cluster.

Venus opposes Saturn but she has entered the sign of Leo, she is more creative and free to express herself. Old structures are going to start to move fast in a couple of weeks but rules and limitations are kept tight, something's gonna give!

Then think Virgo, Periode of food transformation, nature is changing and giving so generously, Then Saturn who helps focus on planting the right seeds for the future seasons. Health issues all around, stress about work and education... This is in our hands. What seed do we plant?

New Moon in Virgo says let us transform. Homeschooling should be planned. Some time to teach and learn something else with kids of all ages! like health, food growing, the effect of food on the body, peaceful mind, research natural medicine, arts, so much that is essential.

September presents us with this great possibility as the world turns our lives around on many levels.

There is another energy that will be more powerful as the Sun reaches Libra. Mercury is ahead of the Sun and squares first Jupiter then Pluto and then Saturn. The tendency to want to see too far ahead... too much... to plan too large..... deception is sure to happen.

Mercury is our capacity to communicate, it is the messenger and we try to make sense of it all. It is like we try this and it does not work... try that and we back up three steps... Because it is not time yet, everything that is planned now will need to be readjusted.

So from now till the next New Moon, see what would lighten up your life... take some weight off... even if it means to make changes that turn your world around a bit.

Remember, we only reach the goal we fix for ourselves by doing the steps, day by day. Virgo style. And the goal may change on the way... that's when greater forces help you get to an even better place!

Tune in.

Jocelyne Maréchal

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