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The Moon's journey. Dates and events

Until the next New Moon, the Moon carries very intense Uranian energies, even though we see a smaller part of it from day to day. Her cosmic itinerary is full. Son agenda cosmic est chargé. Voici les dates à surveiller d'ici la Nouvelle Lune November 4th, 2020 Moon meets North Node, in Gemini

The North Node is about destiny. This means the beginning of momentum towards more clarity. Mercury is about communication, and Mercury rules Gemini. The North Node will be in Gemini for a few months so expect all communications to become easier. Even in the most nebulous situations, the message will pass.

November 10th, 2020 Moon meets Vesta, in Libra. Law and justice.

Potential for a better life. On a personal level, better health and better guidance, personal and collective. But, Moon is squaring Chiron so there is a need to watch for our health, social, financial, biological... and make the change, it does not happen on its own. As far as collective, if there is a repair to be done, know that these efforts and changes will last until 2026. This includes huge changes in the medical-technological sphere that will take us by surprise and slowly redirect our lives. November 12-13, 2020 VénusNovember 11th and 12. Awakening

Opposite Chiron. Quinconxe Uranus when She was full, doubt, hesitation. A kind of awakening following revelations. What have we done? This is about a huge awakening on what has been done and how to go about fixing it. On the 13th, Moon meets Mercury

Opposite Mars retro-stationary !!! Two days before the New Moon !!!

Mercury is direct since November 4th and is squaring Saturn., Jupiter, and Pluto!!! Saturn is the bones, the structures. Jupiter is law and order and Pluto is the social change. Mars in this position has been repressing his anger. The air is thick and nervosity. This could be explosive when Mars turns direct the day after. Mars turns direct on the 14th, Some stormy cosmic weather! We need to get out of a situation that is menacing. Time to breathe deep. Mars wants to move in on a situation that is in need to change. He wants to show his strength. Muscle man. Rebel. This is a position that is present in times when armies are deployed. This time it may be to help people. the fight could be about instilling higher social values. It all depends on the leader!


A NEW BEGINNING IS IN THE AIR!! Si If we do not change anything, nothing will change, there will not be space for anything new. New Moon will sextile Neptune! Dream big.

from that day on, let your imagination loose... free... create an intention that is far greater than your usual personal needs. This is about humanity. The seed might be a lotus seed! See it grow and expand over us all, in our hearts and in our minds. There is a feeling of mourning in the air as well... something we are leaving behind ... May Peace be our new everyday first intention...


Thank you for reading, I hope this helps in some way,

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