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The Moon moves toward the eclipse

Updated: Nov 20

Photo Jamie Mimbu, November 16, 2020, San Diego CA.

The next three blogs will follow the moon's journey towards the November 30th eclipse. We are now on our way toward the Full Moon penumbral eclipse on November 30th and a Solar eclipse on December the 14th. The solar eclipse is a completion. It is over... whatever you needed to leave behind has surely been challenged if you have clung on to it, knowing that it had to go. Maybe life itself took it away from you! If so you are blessed,

Prepare to live the différence. See yourself free from something that was keeping you from going forward with your life. Another journey starts, head for that new destination.

We are arriving at the edge of an old order. Rules, laws, communication, governments are crumbling. The US chart is particularly affected and it is something that will echo in many countries.

Mercury and Uranus will be playing a huge role starting at the lunar eclipse and well into December. Uranus is the last transpersonal planet to go direct and t will do so mid January. This will be the start of the NEW BEGINNING.

Mercury is the lower vibration of Uranus. Mercury is more of a mental scattering ... Both have to do with communication, media, news. While Uranus is truth. Mercury can be the constant chatter. Both of them together at once can be very tiring, briging a lot of confusion... things we can't believe ... Plus !!! Neptune goes direct the day before the eclipse on October 29th we can expect mixed messages and confusion from the outer scene zapping energy and spreading great angst in society that can be felt to all continents. What to believe ???

Prepare your journey, your new beginning by going inward. Neptune is the Source, the Oneness.

When all is said and done, we can move forward, travelling light with the intention to keep it simple.

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Hoping this to be of some help,

In metta, Jocelyne


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