• Jocelyne Maréchal

The gift of being born human.

On this Christmas Day, let the spirit that is your life's companion tell you how you can make your life a cosmic experience. This is the Cosmic Christ. The illumination process. Bigger than Life!

Sit up straight and elongate the back of your neck, breathe deeply. First hear in mind and heart: "Thank You...."

Let your mind flow openly on words from your guiding angel... your Spirit. Create the image of what you want most as support, friendship, partnership, and love in your life and let the voice of resonate in your heart. Let the chills of great intimacy flow through you. Feel that presence...

".......Thank you for keeping this body in the best possible shape for Me to pursue my journey. Thank you for caring about the food you chose to keep harmony and health . Thank you for breathing consciously and meeting with me on a regular basis. Because in incarnating I am here with you for the duration of your life but you will not be with me when I leave. You and I both need to create according to our most precious values. We create life together with the words we use, the tone of the voice you produce. We create cells for you to constantly regenerate. We create joy and compassion... together we create and we care.

Many times you go on your own. You release the animal in you. You pretend that I am not there, You use evasive techniques that eliminate my presence so you can make choices that justify your life as an irresponsible being... I wish to let you know that you have free will. Denying me does not change the energy that I can produce for you to live in your magnificence... It changes your capacity to acknowledge it.

May we always remember that this cosmic presence made of stardust and light is our power, our beauty and our safe haven in this life.

May we all recognize our unity, and dance on the beat of the Universal pulse...all together.

Merry Christmas to all

Shant Joti


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