• Jocelyne Maréchal

Stillness- Namasté

On March 22nd Mars, out of bound, will be crossing the point where Saturn and Pluto anchored on Earth the beginning of great changes in January. That is where we started to awaken collectively to the ways of nature that will provoke the changes we need to make.

Mars is out of bounds, which means that it is out of its normal orbit. On top of this, the Earth’s axis is still shifting and the Equinoxe is on the 19th-20th.

There will be more aggressive behaviors coming from leaders, Mars will then conjunct Jupiter and Pluto and Eris on the 23rd. This is all about extreme decision making, use and abuse of power. This is what we will see more and more but let’s be clear, we as the collective will have an extremely clear picture of this extreme behavior from leaders.

Mars is aggressive, Jupiter expands and Pluto keeps us on track until the end of March when Mars meets Saturn at the entrance of Aquarius when we will live in a much more disciplined way.

This equinox draws the picture of the second half of 2020.

So start now. If you already have a practice in your life, keep it up and expand… If you do not, understand that this is now of great importance. The changes will come from our own adaptation to nature’s ways now. Bend with the wind like a well-anchored beautiful strong tree, dance like the wildflowers in the field and breathe the aroma of great changes. The beauty of this is that we are coming out of

See where in your chart this whole cosmic dance plays out, Check my website I have set up a 20 minutes session that might help you sail through your own challenges.

As Deepak Chopra, this is not time to shake hands, this is time for NAMASTE! I see the beauty in you!

Be well, be safe,


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