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Spiritual near-death experience

Updated: Jun 5

Hear the call of the Spirit!

This eclipse is about truth and freedom

Has nature come back to mind lately? This time off... daily routine changed... time is ours more than it ever was in a long long while. We are alone but then we are also together and truth and freedom unite us.

When time is not ours we are plunged in occupations that demand so much of our attention. We then think that the more we can do at the same time the best we are at... concentrating (?) But we are neither alone or together. We are what we do...

"I'm so busy" seems to mean "I am so important" I am so needed" ... Has this slowed down for you?...

Saturn (Kronos-Time) retro back from Aquarius (future) to Capricorn at the end of June,

So from past to future, to past until he returns into the Future on December 17, rearranging the structure of life until 2023.

Much confusion ...What... when... how... what is true... ho did we get here?

It is in times of great confusion that we miss the changes of the undertow. Saturn improves structures when the old ones are down, in this case coming down.

Awakening means that we realize the depth of the poison that kept us asleep (busy - buzzy). Awakening to higher and clearer perception. Improved inner structures. From being too busy to see the beautiful world around us to caring first and foremost about our use of time... and standing our grounds. Keep up your practice or start one, daily. Connect, align.

The call of the spirit is always there. It is the noise that we make that silences the echoed of the heart. Spirit lifts our wings, paints colors in life, and shines a bright light of hope and faith, for each and all of us.

Take time, SUN, Moon, Venus ! Happy full Moon Eclipse !

Shant Joti


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