• Jocelyne Maréchal

Soul bridging Time - LOVE - Venus retro

The old woman healer would say:

The back is fine, it is the weight that hurts

The eyes are fine, it is the injustice you see that hurts

The head is fine, it is the thoughts that hurt

The throat is fine, it is words of hate and anger that hurts

The stomach is fine, it is what the soul does not digest that hurts

The heart is fine, it is lack of Love that hurts...

...and Love is what heals.

May, Venus direct squared Neptune, confusion... doubts...

June, Venus retro crosses Neptune again in a square... soul bridging, longing... ideals...

July, Venus direct squares Neptune ... for the third time but this time Mars conjunct Neptune... Need for clarity... truth... define the ideals of humanity... What can we do for LOVE...

We just went through a door where so much healing took place in such a short time.

The healing started by understanding what really hurts...



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