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Songline Astrology

I changed the name on my blog to Songline Astrology.

A songline is a path on the land or in the sky. On land, it marks the journey of aboriginal ancestors in their Dreamtime. In the sky, it is the journey of the soul, it marks the previous life experiences and the contracts she signed with other incarnating souls to create her evolution.

This can be read in a Karmic chart. We are at a point where big collective changes are made for us.

The changes will not always be comfortable nor easy. If we each prioritize our soul's journey, live it up openly, and focus on the creative aspect of the less desired events happening, we will go through these changes with a new state of being... more loving... more sharing... as we sing a new song...

For more info on Karmic Charts write at:

Songline Astrology

Jocelyne Marechal


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