• Jocelyne Maréchal

Solar system and humanity

Solar system leaving gas cloud

Since the 1970s, we've known that the solar system is moving through a cloud of interstellar gas about 30 light-years across, out on the edge of the Milky Way galaxy. The sun's motion through the cloud creates an apparent wind of interstellar particles that slams into the heliosphere.

The magnetic cloud kept the earth safe. Now, we are receiving more galactic energy and this just might impact the way we live. Changes become necessary.

When Einstein was asked why he gave the same exam to the same class two years in a row, his answer was: "Because the answers changed".

Saturn has started its retrogradation and is on its way back into Capricorn, towards Jupiter who will also turn retrograde in a few days and head back towards Pluto who himself will go retro until both Jupiter and Pluto arrive at the point where it all started on January 12th. Drilling down on that same degree, time when economy went down, Covid became an obvious threat to the world.

Looking ahead is better than looking back, and being in the present does not allow the much needed reflection to find the answers to the same questions.

But it is from that time the question was asked that protocoles changed... laws change.

As individuals, we will have to find the appropriate answers for a long term .

Consider astéroides, Chariklo, the antidote, the spiritual antidote, Homea with her makalai is entering the scene, source of homeopathic science, and Eris, the Earth moving to another reality. They are three feminine powers. Peaceful solutions short and long terms.

The old ways to manage this will only enhance the masculine ways, Mars ... armies... control.


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