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Snow moon, February 19, 2019

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

...powerful powerful powerful skies indeed!

Even though this full moon entering Virgo deserves the main role in the cosmic orchestra...

Sire Chiron entering Aries (last time in 1968) sets a vibration that will resonate with the entire earth. Earth continually rotates around Aries axis which is the world axis, in a 25,800 year cycle. Chiron will be in Aries for the next 8 years. I love Chiron. He shows up to heal. His intention is always to elevate. Chiron was last in Aries in 1968, years of protests and "Hear us" that created great changes. Chiron's mission in this position is to empower a new evolutionary experience. Chiro is linked with spirituality, shamanism and spiritual growth. So if you have been reading about these matters, doing yoga but did not go further in the yogic life style, this is time to get on with more commitment.

1-Where ever Aries is in your chart, that is the field in which you should engage and work on healing and elevate ... and you are supported big time. Chiron in your natal chart emphasizes the facets of your life that feel more difficult. See what this dear Chiron prescribes for you to ease up that part of your life.

Uranus is on his last step in the warrior sign ofAries on the 29th conjunct Eris, goddess of discord, , conjunct Mars already in Taurus: Fireworks. Many uprisings can pop up around the world until the end of the month... Uranus will soon free of the square Pluto and will enter Taurus on the 5th of March ... Uranus will be in Taurus for the next 8 years! Big time changes ... work on your freedom.. freedom of choices , do it... chose based on your deeper values and let these actions elevate you and radiate on your every day life ... it will give you a growing sense of freedom so just visualize who you will be in 8 years.

2-Where ever is the sign of Taurus in your birth chart is where you can expect some movement and you can handle by being open minded, flexible but clear about the values that guide your evolution. Check thee aspects that will influence Uranus.s course of action in your natal chart.

Believe it, when these 8 years are over you will wish you made these changes.

Mars will continue to separate from Uranus staying in Taurus until the end of March.

So where are these two signs in your chart? ... this is where your life takes a turn,

Use Chiron's spiritual energy to follow the momentum created by Uranus because there will be a great sense of freedom emerging from it.. Don't miss the messages that come from the heart because we have the great Jupiter square Neptune ... these guys love each other, they are good together and the little Mercury that conjunct Neptune is pretty pathetic in this position. He tries to analyse all this and The great Neptune ruling Pisces washes his theories with a big woos of a wave... leaving him trying again with its reasoning... Reasoning sitting next to Neptune who resonates together with the Archangel Jupiter is a waste of time. So chill out.

3- Check out in which house is Pisces in your chart and just believe in what your heart says, do not try to analyze everything.

THE FULL MOON ENTERING VIRGO !!! 7:53 am PT - 10:53 am ET

With all the shifts towards higher states of being that are now emanating from the Cosmic energies on the collective consciousness, the very white beautiful Snow Moon, the biggest one of the year, will shine her rays on all that shifts in your individual experience reenforcing your pulse toward your dharma. Everything is in place. We do, if we take the time, feel Her power a few days before.

Virgo is all about efficiency. Clean up your house and clean up your act, clean up your schedule, manage YOUR time your diet, to elevate your state of being, your kids ways of doing, your boss or employees relationships, your circle of friends, clean up your teachings as examples... do the work. Virgo is ruled by Mercury so clean up your thinking process, observe and catch yourself in your negative, sarcastic, arrogant, egotistical or superior tendencies in thinking... The magnetism of the whole geometry is filtered through Mother Moon and things are moving fast, check what house is Virgo in your chart to know where the shifts will happen and where is this source of energy and gratefully go for the changes. Use earth plants to help healing.

Mercury has no messages to transmit in this position, the heart vibration is too strong. Time to tune your heart pulse to the cosmic universal rhythm, time to elevate , rest, love, meditate on infinite potential, infinite love. Just BE, just breathe.

A reality check: Venus is between Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. A feeling of contraction compared to all the liberation coming... That is a very very different energy, check where is Capricorn in your chart, this is where you might feel more alone, slower as if things are picking up all around but there is a foot on the brakes for you. Do not worry too much dear Capricorns, you have been hosting very powerful planets and energies for many years now and you have a head start on most other signs. The opposite sign of Cancer may have the same feelings. So Cancer as well check in which house your sign is and expect a contraction before you try to expand on a project

If you would like to know in what domain of your life these changes will happen you can email me and leave your skype infos for a 30 minutes chat, for 85$. Title your email: Skype

Love always Shant Joti


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