• Jocelyne Maréchal

Shift...passing through.

Gemini. Ruler: Mercury

Communication - Two ways exchange

This reminds me of a story of a young monk who went with his teacher in a small Café in India. There were some American people sitting at a table on the terrasse. They were speaking and laughing very loudly.

The young boy asked his teacher why they were so loud?

The teacher answered: "Because their hearts are very far from each other. When people speak to each other with love their voice becomes a lot softer. When two people love each other deeply, no words are necessary."

We receive a lot of vibrations from the social content that feeds our minds but empty our hearts.

Remember that Venus is in Gemini. The art of communicating is in the tone... show your light even through darker days. South node is the past, tomorrow's full Moon eclipse will wash off a lot of the past, until then make sure you take all the love you have received in your life, and send it out to the stars so that it multiplies... life seeds of Love... Whisper: I love you.

Blessings all around

Shant Joti


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