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Pink full Moon, Peak Time April 7th 2020


On one side: everything that really matters for each one of us, everything that inspires self-respect, self-care, and self-love. Respect for our own time.

On the other side: everything that we value socially, what matters in our relationships with others, respect for people, animals and for Nature. Respect of Life...Clean air and water. Clean minds.

Once your scale is balanced out, walk the talk.

Full Moons are peak times. High values are the best sails to manage the high winds of changes.

This Super Moon is the closest to the Earth, in the sign of Libre at 21:35 PM EDT She is called the Pink Moon. Libra is the only sign represented by an object. A scale. There is a harmonization going on way deeper than what we see and feel right now. The goal is to create equilibrium. Because of the dis-organization caused by this big event, our perspective is narrowed down to the daily small changes we need to make in order to adjust. The lack of acknowledgment by leaders will be of great consequences as, on the 4rth, Jupiter conjunct Pluto, to bring some sense of justice.

Saturn has entered Aquarius since mid-January and will stay there till the beginning of July ... when it will retro back into Capricorn to stay until it comes back later with Jupiter next December.

Saturn alone in Aquarius is opening a new perception of future potential. Ir is time to reconsider our individual and social positions. In December, Saturn will be back to support what we vote for... what we discard.

There is a wonderful change happening. Frustration is just a guide... it shows us the limits of our Love. It is a border that we can and will cross to know the wider horizons of LOVE.

This is about Love, so so so much Love... It cannot be about something... it cannot be about someone... it is all about the flow that moves us into living up to our values... at a level where Love rules.

See the beauty in the wave ... Surf the wave, stay balanced.

Yoga position: Spine rotation and spine flex, one leg stand pose, warrior pose.

For a peek at your chart, to understand how your own changes will influence your choices, send request at:,

Be safe, be well.

Shant Joti


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