• Jocelyne Maréchal

Perfect timing-Mercury retrograde

Pray, sing and dance with deeper convictions.

Piscean energy filters Mercury, the planet of the mind. Perfect time to go deeper into your spiritual practice or to allow yourself to dream of higher realms, write down your inspirations and bathe in this very zen creative energy.

This is a perfect celestial geometry because we need to be slowing down big time as Saturn and Jupiter will start their own retro in a couple of months. Slow down the growth of fear and all that is not necessary and elevate love and quietude.

Mars is the one to watch as Mercury suggests a way to use his very assertive energy. Mars is out of bound, meaning its qualities are much more powerful. It will hit the 4th degree Capricorn on Feb 26th and you only need to check the events that happened on Jan 3rd and 4rth when Jupiter passed on that degree to see what kind of energies could be surfacing. It is all about authority and use and misuse of power.

Mards conjunct the Galactic center also be a beautiful time to gather all your that you created and consolidate, as Saturn is not moving forward, it is not time to move on new structures but participate in reshaping our own assertiveness, invest it in changing habits to live an easier life, This is our gift from Mercury retro starting today!

Remember, slowing down is about simplifying, celebrating, taking time off... weight off our heart and mind. Mercury in Pisces... beautiful!


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