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Pallas Athena, the owl

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

She perceives, she protects. All shams are unveiled in her presence.

Pallas Athena sees the big picture, she brings wisdom. She is a fierce warrior, she is all about art and strategy.

If you sense new direction, a fork in the road, chose wisely. in a few months, others and things will come together as if strategically planned to support your choice. Go for truth and what you believe is right, what will elevate your frequency. Basically just ask: will this give me energy or take it away from me. Simple. Wise.

Athena was born from Zeus's broken skull. ... "Out of the old box" !!She emerged fully armoured.

Zeus represent the old patriarcal leadership.... These old ways to shove the feminine out of the way will not be possible once Pallas Athena's power spreads in those of us who want clarity ..

Athena was fostered by Triton, son of Poseidon, God of the seas. She was raised with his own daughter Pallas. They both were learning the art of war and practiced every day until Athena accidentally killed Pallas. Her sorrow was immense. She became the protector warrior and lived for both when she took the name Pallas Athena.

Daily practice is more important than ever. Pallas Athena helps us perceive new ways, new options and new solutions. So stay opened to this particular energy, open the lens for wider and higher perception emerges from deeper knowledge. We know we can expect chaos but we need to be aware that we can see clearly through it at all times.

The eclipse was on the MidSky degree of the United States Declaration of Human Rights!! ... these are seriously pushed around these days... and October might be the time for Athena's message to unveil some truth long due, the result of underground planning.


The intense power of this eclipse stays with us for the next few months and mostly till Mercury retros back to the opposite degree at 23 Cancer and stations a day to move direct on the 2nd of August. In October Pluto will turn direct. That will be a time for keeping close to your groups, Do not engage in turmoil but do intensify and multiply your daily practice. Chant and elevate your frequencies, remember Pallas Athena!

Before Gods and Goddesses were given human forms, they were spirit animals. Athena was the owl. She perceives and she meets with solution.

Coming next

Finally the action is moving out of Cancer into Leo. From Water to Fire. Get ready , things are going to start moving. See where Leo is in your chart , suscribe and get in touch!

For the next few months I offer short 20 minutes sessions for 60$. I will be adding this soon on my website.

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