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New Moon and Venus retro - May 22nd

Updated: May 22

When a planet is retro we say that it is walking in its own shadow.

Venus met with Mercury, in his own home, Gemini. So this sign is all about communication and Venus is all about ARTS.

Most disrespected of all through centuries when astrology took a turn on vulgarizing gods with human behavior, Venus still is often misrepresented with patriarchal views on women. This is so unfortunate,

As the main shift continues with Saturn and Jupiter also retro, the new moon joins Venus as she walks back to instill reflection in the art of communication. When a planet goes retro we say that it walks in its own shadow.

In the intention, there is a very powerful inner voice that backs you up... this is an intention that you have already set. It comes from past times... even past lives. The echo will be strong. Mercury, the intellectual messenger has brought it up many times in the last six months... something you wanted to change... something you prepared for.

Venus has been represented with her feet in a shell in the water... standing still, graceful and elegant, between conscious and unconscious. Knowledge through inner communication. She has been represented with the Horn of Plenty. Offering all the capacity to be an artist and participate in the great beauty of Life. This particular time arranges your words so that they are meaning something that soothes... use a tone of voice that is soft. All other speeches have been weaponized for so long in order to influence our behavior in a not so artistic way. Branding, separating, classifying... giving choices to be on one side or another...spinning the world by the tail.

Venus is the inner voice whispering truth to the intellectual, helping Mercury get the message through.

As Venus walk in her own shadow the Sun comes to light up some deep old messages through events in your life. Expect something to become clear... a solution that is long due.

The Sun, Venus, and the New Moon... magnificent energy for all to celebrate a coming resolution of something you have been longing for. Life is working it out for you if you follow the Art of life.

Love always

Shant Joti


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