• Jocelyne Maréchal

New Moon September 17th 2020

A Grand Cross with the New Moon-Sun, the Nodes, and Jupiter

Now Jupiter has gone direct. He has been retrograde since May 14th. What have we learned since then... What knowledge have we acquired... Now is the time to assess what we should keep and what we should let go of.

Remember How I have repeated "Simplify" in the last few months, this is it. This New Moon squares the South Node in Saggitarius who is governed by Jupiter. The South Node is what we should leave behind, it is passed, and this Ne Moon is tight with Neptune, your dream! What about old dreams, whether you reached it or not... are they still appropriate for you?

The New Moon squares the North Node, the future... in Gemini, governed by Mercury. So Jupiter is always more, more material, more knowledge, more moral standards... In Capricorn it reflects how much we want more of the sam, ie we want things to change but we carry the same load of things that do not fit our vision of the future.

If there is a time to reassess and reevaluate your dream IT IS NOW . Neptune is in harmony with new visions. Make sure there is space for everyone in your dream, this is a collective time. Teh future is now and we are one.

Check where the nodes fall in your charts to help evaluate how you can bring your dream closer to what destiny has I mind for you



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