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New Moon ... confidence and trust

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Welcome to the wonderful cosmic activities happening on this New Moon in Pisces on the 6th of March 2019.

First I want to tell you about something very exciting happening on that particular day-night. There will be five planets in mutable signs. Mutable signs are those that end seasons. There are four of them, Gemini end of spring,Virgo, end of summer, Sagittarius, end of fall and Pisces, end of winter.

Mutable signs support flexibility in changes. The New Moon in Pisces can take you to dreamland big time and for quite a while, supported by five other planets it will be the beginning of a big change while this winter ends.

While this change happens through five different sources of energy, the global vibration will be diffused by Mother Moon. Depending of your own journey and the level of awareness you practice, you will need stay awake. The ease in which we can go through changes often hides the fact that we do not see the whole picture and therefore we miss many opportunities. The anchored observer will look at the cloud change form and understand the winds of change that guides its transformation. The dreamer will look at clouds searching for shapes. Play is good, it can be included in the bigger picture, that is what is being awake means... seeing through what appears to be.

Pisces is rules by Neptune and the moon is right next this mysterious blue planet which has seven moons orbiting around her. A new moon means that sun and the moon are conjunct, The two luminaries symbols of masculine and feminine, day and night, conscious and unconscious... ending and beginning... The union of polarities that happens every new moons is a time of great psychic influence. The metamorphosis favours an alliance of the cosmic forces. Faith is my favourite word to describe Neptune, taking out any religious meaning to faith and we are left with confidence and trust.

Mercury Neptune Sun Moon and Jupiter are in mutable signs. Mercury on the 29th degree pisces means KNOW that you trust. Neptune says trust that there is more coming, more to know and be confident, the sun and Moon ask that we unite opposites and weigh our investments and commitments in the opposites that are present in our life now.

By the way...Someone asked me why I call the moon Mother Moon, the term Mother Earth being more appropriate.

I believe that planets and all cosmic activities influence us in a spiritual or psychic way if our mind is open to it, if we have accepted to practice cosmic mindfulness. So Mother Moon is our spiritual mother and Mother Earth is our great biological mother. We are made of earth, what we do to her we do to ourselves vice versa. She is home to the body. Mother Moon rules the water on earth and in our body. Water is the flow of life. Mother Moon is home to the spirit that flows through every living thing.

If you are looking for guidance in the material world Mother Earth will be in your mind and hopefully your heart as well because the self is busy juggling thoughts to manifest in the material world. If you are looking for higher guidance follow the moon cycle in your chart. You will develop a different vision of your own journey and the material manifestations will come from the divine cosmic order, and they will be perfect for you and your evolution whatever they are.

On this New Moon gatherings and meditations, join in with Mother Earth to transcend the majestic equilibrium of polarities, the infinite possibilities and the freedom of choice that is our greatest way to manifest confidence and faith.

Love always Shant Joti

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