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New Moon and Mars, no going back.

Updated: Nov 15


On the 15th, a dark sky, no Moon ... Perfect to welcome the Leonid meteor showers that will peak on the 17th! A grand opening for the month to come!

The scene: an hourglass on a beach. This is the passing of time through the thinnest part of the hourglass.

Collectively: A feeling of tightness as we are going towards an ending. The structure of TIME itself has changed with Saturn on its way to enter Aquarius. The world got used to turn the hourglass over and start again the same story with the same values for centuries. The last effort to turn this hourglass around is supported by the structure of governments represented by Pluto. We can see this as the majority of people in the world now see the sand out of the hourglass. New Time and wide-open space. A huge change of lifestyle based on a different set of values.

Personally: there is an ending in your life, something that needs to change. For at least a year, depending on your chart, you have known that something's got to give, and it is usually you letting go of something and this is all about what you value most.

In either case, Mars goes direct on the 14th and the New Moon is on the 15th! ... and all Planets except for Uranus are direct, Neptune going direct end of the month.

New Moon in Scorpio. Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio. But Scorpio is also represented by the Pheonix, ruled by Pluto which represents a deeper meaning of transformation. The Phoenix watches over the horizon and all chaos becomes secondary. Mars is activating each step of this transformation, which can be challenging on the day to day bases.

Collectively, this announces some pretty chaotic even explosive times, as Neptune will station. We might not even believe what is happening ... there is clarity then fog again... It will be very important to put our collective energy where our collective mouth is! Stay focus and let the sand slowly pass by. The sand in the hourglass does not go through faster if we pressure it.

Personally, focus on the more meaningful self-transformation that is taking place in your life. These changes affect every and each one's capacity to overcome changes. In Greek mythology, Pheonix is rebirth. A beautiful bird of a thousand shades dances over the flames. Die and be reborn.

The intention of this New Moon also sextile Jupiter, expand your horizons. Think of the sand out and around the hourglass and adjust to a higher perspective on life!

May thoughts of peace and love prevail!


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