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NEW MOON, 5 Planets in Earthy Virgo

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Upcoming New Moon August 30th ,on 6th Virgo

Every day is a new beginning? That is because the sun rises every day and we can brighten up our heart our thoughts and our health as we welcome it!

Every month there is a new beginning. The NEW MOON kickstarts it in the shadow of the SUN, ... and this time, the SUN, the MOON, MERCURY MARS VENUS, all move from Leo into Virgo. from creative busy shining Leo to earthy meticulous Virgo: check out one last time whatever you want to launch for the next few months... edit, polish, get a new momentum... Mars and Venus meeting conjunct on the 24th, 3rd Virgo....Love Love Love, put Love in it, in the feminine intuitive and in the masculine, action part of your project and let the original and eccentric Uranus manifest the perfect outcome ! Create, anchor and let go!

The MOON will be at its closest point to the EARTH in its orbit. Prepare for the end of this month to plant an intention that you would like to see manifest in around 6 months. plant deep in the earth of your body. Really charge up your vessel with the intention that you know the Universe agrees with for your progress as humane and divine being. Anchor deep and aim high.

See where the sign of Virgo is in your chart, particularly the 3rd and 6th degree. .That is the part of your life where the seed of the intention will grow.

With Love

Shant Joti


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