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More outer control- More inner power

April 2020

This chapter is still starring Saturn as the hero who came to restructure freedom and social life in the sign of Aquarius. Both of these domains being Aquarian priorities and they are now until July under Saturn's control.

I say hero because nothing has ever achieved such a world change, touching every and each individual in such a short period.

Jupiter is also starting momentum as he joins Pluto for a peak starting on April 4rth. Jupiter expands and Pluto intensifies. Jupiter is about laws and Pluto is government powers and control . Then Jupiter will back off but will come back end of June and again in November. This conjunction has always been associated with roller coaster-like events. High frequencies. High volatility...

Mars is squaring Uranus, ruler of Aquarian energies as Palace Athena consults with Pluto and Jupiter. Palace Athena is all about strategy. Mars is about action, armies, we will see new laws being signed and applied because before it collapses, some leaders will still resort to old strategies... For most countries in the world now people's health and safety come before politics. This is a chance to notice PEACE... feel her... put down the arms while we see to our own and each other's needs.

Frustration can run high unless we use this time to support the changes that are much needed in our own perception. We will see just how powerless or powerful we can be. Powerless about the massive change, powerful individually, all focussed on wellness and support and a better living with respect for natural rhythm. This is a lesson in RESPECT.

We have a go at slowing down and taking time to check up on our values.

The Pink Super Moon on April 7th will be closely related to Venus (values) and Vespa (sacred space). Wonderful waves of love. Blog coming up on that... check where 18*45 Libra falls in your chart! that is where your guide of Love will be.

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Be safe, be well.

Shant Joti


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