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Mercury, beautiful Mercury Rx

Pendant, "Une pensée" (A Thought) ,René Lalique, 1900

Close to one-third of people on this Earth are born with a Mercury retrograde. They are people who love Mercury RX. This aberration of articles that use this transit to create fear is an old form of astrology, one that brought her the reputation of superstition. It does not have its place in the new world that is coming. Get over it! That was 300 years ago!

This beautiful pendant named "A Thought" represents well this image, Notice how the thought is anchored yet so ethereal... Mercury is the communicator. Now in Scorpio, it needs to understand, research, get to the most profound truth so it has stopped and it goes back to discover. Opposite Uranus, who brings bright and sudden flashes of knowledge, it might just come back direct with blinding truth since Uranus will be at its closest point to the Earth on the 27th! Mercury will come direct on October 29.

Mercury retro natives are geniuses and artists, people who may see what is to come and prepare better, they are mediums, their thinking process is not linear. They may see the end before the beginning. Yes, they may express themselves in a way that seems strange to others and their thoughts might just be too much, maybe too beautiful...

So when you, direct Mercuriens natives go through these times, you need to slow down and shift your inner communication, loosen up. It is when you keep a close mind and tighten your heart that things go wrong.

And for Rx Mercurian native people, they go through Mercury direct with ease, they are prepared.

Communication is of the essence in the next few years. There are plenty enough silly things we find to argue about, let Mercury out of it, and move on to change your perception of life and order.

Check what is the nature of your Mercury, direct? retro? where is it? How can you sail through with artistry and genius!

with love

Shant Joti

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