• Jocelyne Maréchal

Meditation for the eclipse

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Sit or lay down into your own preferred meditation position. Slow your breath down. Go deep in and make sure to maintain a half smile through the whole exercise.

Slowly bring you right hand to your heart and point your index finger towards your heart without touching.

Start drawing a cercle around your heart. Fill that space with LOVE. This isLOVe for yourself, your life, your potential as a divine being. Your smile wil start to grow...

Now let the LOVE grow ... Start to draw a bigger cercle and include your close family, friends, coworkers... pets... all people ... all nature, animals, oceans fields, everything ... until your right arm is completely stretched out in front of you drawing the biggest cercle you can. Let this happen naturally.

In the end rise both hands up as you draw a huge golden cercle, feeling your heart at the center,

Offer a beautiful golden rose LIFE.

This is the art of Living in LOVE.

Shant Joti

With Love


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