• Jocelyne Maréchal

Mars watches the eclipse from home

Time to put down the arms. No anger, Time to observe. This is an immense time of change in the world and this eclipse is opening the door for the Moon to go on her way meeting Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn as they are on their way back to make sure they leave nothing behind in Capricorn that would prevent changes that must take place. Moon also meets with Chariklo who still stands as the antidote, like a lighthouse that guides us when the fog horn blows.

We are in a midst of too much information that changes constantly and we need to go Home, like Mars. This is the right position od defense, peaceful defense. Home, in our heart, where we can meditate on what is important, what are the best ways to support each other, support what we believe in and support a clean bright future.

Like the eagle, look far ahead and keep your focus there. None of the changes that happen now will last. We are now to visualize, plan for new ways.

Let the observation guide your opinions and prepare to open your mind and your heart bigger to offer more and receive more.

This time will bring dreams of ancestors, of deceased people or of relationships you may have turned your back on ... receive the thoughts that visit you with gratitude and make your peace with it. Be grateful to each whatever the role they played in your life. Our souls had contracts and everything had its reason for being there at the time.



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