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Saturne -Jupiter ...going backward

Updated: Feb 20

Going backward...... What will be the legacy that will prevent social changes to happen as soon as we wish they would?

This political analysis in the area of the US justice system by Gilles Vandal, professor at the University of Sherbrooke, is extremely awakening and corresponds to Jupiter (The law) which will be pounding on a space no larger than 10 degrees in Capricorn until next October and Saturn, drilling down on the last degrees of the same sign.

The article titled: Mr. Trump, The Undisputable Legacy, it refers to the fact that Mr. Trump has succeeded in doing what republicans have tried to so for decades by naming judges average ten years younger than his predecessors, picked from very conservative ideology, These judges in their thirties or early forties are named for life and will impact the entire future generation.

Mr. Vandal's article goes on saying:

"In order to maintain racial, cultural and genre diversity, the percentage of white men named by presidents went from 66% under Carter to 53% under Clinton to 36% to Obama. This president attacked the judiciary system and restructured all in his first term. 96% that is to become federal judges are white and 76% of them are men." The power given to these men is enormous.

Saturn is still now, in its own shadow, and so is Jupiter, meaning they stopped on a particular degree before they start to retrograde. Saturn will retrograde all year until January 2021 within 7degrees only and Jupiter until next October. Saturn rules Time and Jupiter rules Law.

Mercury teaches us now in its beautiful retrograde course to slow down. It is the beauty of Mercury because life, as we live it now, has to be time productive... Saturn is Kronos, TIME itself. It has become a law for most to not waste time... hurry, busy busy.

Globally, changes are ready to be done, this is the Universal Law... but the power in control is not ready to let go... Political power and ... check it out... maybe your own power. There are changes we can do and we don't These are outside and inside jobs.

Enjoy this ride, stay on course and keep the pace. (your time) Do all you can to help maintain stability and justice in your own heart. This Capricorn patriarchal era is nearing its final stage. The shift might look like a storm but remember: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

What to do on a personal basis? See where in your chart is the sign of Capricorn, where is your natal Saturn and Jupiter to best engage these energies in your own personal transformation.

Keep in tune with the personal planets, Mars Venus Mercury and the luminaries (Sun and Moon) day at a time.

If you want to know what facet of your life is influenced by these transits send me your birth infos at shantjoti,com. Title KRONOS.

With love, Shant Joti



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