• Jocelyne Maréchal

Jupiter. Spring time. Grow strong.

Jupiter. The favorable aspect, April 4rth 2020

You are a beautiful bud growing out of the earth. One with nature.

There is this unbearable sense of separation that is happening apart from our isolation from each other. People are saying that this virus is at least good for the Earth. The air is already cleaner, etc. It sounds like what is good for the Earth has to be bad for us. False.

Think of it this way: If you wanted to wear a size 6 but wore a size 12 would you buy the size 6? … and if you did, would you wait for the dress to get to a size 12?... What could Jupiter expand that would be salutary for you? The dress or a proper understanding of your choice? If you refuse the latter, then only your folly can expand.

What is good for the Earth is good for us. This clean up is mutually beneficial. We are not separate from the Earth. This long due separation that we entertain with nature is about to stop. Fortunately, it looks like we still have a chance to get to it without crashing.

Jupiter comes close to Pluto on April 4rth and then retrogrades, offering us time, expanding a time period for a three months cogitation period. Co:together, Agitare: turn over the mind.

Three months to change our ways of looking at our life as One, One together and One with nature. Three months to reframe reality under a different light. It will come to an exact conjunction on July 2nd.

Yoga: Sit quietly. Breathe. Be still. Meditate.

How to reframe: watch your words, watch your actions. Be one others want to be with. Shine some light around and let your heart open ! It is spring time… New life is growing!


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