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July's Eclipse, Venus and the ART of Living in Love

Updated: Jul 8, 2019


Welcome to the greatest event in the sky for the month of July 2019. prepare for it and be ready to let it rest deep in your heart. Venus is rising towards the very same degree of the eclipse, 24 Cancer. The venusian energy will enhance this emotionally charged full Moon which will be half covered by the shadow of the earth... so Love intensely.

There are five extremely powerful energies going on and Venus shows us how to BE with the flow of it all.

Venus is all about ART, LOVE and CREATIVITY.

LOVE... because of all the action happening at once, emotions can pull anyone to create our own havoc. When you find yourself sitting on one end of the see-saw but the weight opposite is running the show... get off ! Go to the swing and gently breathe, become the breeze, become love... and then become still.

There is also a hot and fiery energy going on with Uranus Mars and Mercury. This is quick action and reaction, We have to be particularly aware and maintain a high level of LOVE at all time ... watch and catch ourselves if any negative emotions creep in so we do not get caught up in it.

Jupiter and Neptune are making it easy to go deeper into our practice and elevate, live up to our highest values.

So, dear ones, find your flame and feed it with LOVE, Let your heart open and share share share ... love everyone and everything. Say it out loud. Time to become a Master. Love alone is the greatest teacher. Feel deeply the instant reward of LOVE in your heart.

An eclipse always gives a sense of new direction, new beginnings... Raise up, the Universe will meet you there.

Love always, Shant Joti

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