• Jocelyne Maréchal

Is it a star? Is it a thought?

An intense month, an intense New Moon... a star shining brightly off the coast of San Diego.

Thank you Jamie Mimbu for this amazing photo!

This New Moon is between two full moons in the same month, the second one being called a Blue Moon. Opposite Mars, square Saturn emotions will rise through the rest of the month. There is a direct consequence here from the way we simplified our life 6 months ago. Whatever we knew we should let go but did not will go within the next month and a half.

Do it willingly. Although there is much chaos on Earth there is order in the sky. The key to these emotional times is not what you think. As a matter of fact, most astrologers get it all wrong!

Astrology, like everything else, need to change.

The last time Saturn and Jupiter entered Aquarius together was about 500 years ago, the end of the medieval era. Astrology sat on a chair for a couple of hundred years and came out as a need for individuals to fill some superficial needs. Until guys like Carl Jung, Albert Einstein, Rudolph Steiner, and Dane Rudyard in the occidental world at least brought Astrology back to her rightful place.

Many post-Pluto dwarf planets have been discovered in the last 20years and their archetypes are speaking words of wisdom that we need to hear. They give us a perception way farther than what we have known so far. I will get into that soon, such research is being done by avant-garde science that is already freed from the old linear view that will crumble as this era ends.

For now, think not of what you need to let go, this is done. Think of what WE need to let go as ONE. Include that in your practice. Let go of dualities, let go of meat... time on the web for nothing... play more with kids, play with elderlies, cook more... whatever...meditate with global groups, meet your neighbors, help and leave a pleasant flow in the air as you move through these changes,

Next blog: what can we do to best prepare... how can I first start to change my views on astrology and live my life tuning into the higher cosmic order.


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