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Harvest Moon, Sept 1, 2020

The Full Moon is in Pisces is a very generous moon. Called the Harvest moon, she reflects the intense light of the Sun in Virgo which is trine Uranus in Taurus, two Earth signs... That is a lot of light, and it is easily accessible. This Moon is very comfortable in this water sign of Pisces. It creates new dreams, it invents solutions out of pure bliss.

The coming few months present us with a push and pull narrative between the collective path and the individual path. This full Moon will be meeting Neptune which rules the oceans, Pisces in a few days. This is powerful energy to go within, take the light and shine it within... and then let it circulate between us all who can through meditation, imagination, whatever your level of offering. This is the way to create a halo of Peace that this full Moon suggests so that we live the individual energies in order to empower the light within us around us locally and globally.

Something tells me that because Mars squaring Venus in Cancer, as well as Saturn in Capricorn, wishes to observe for a while, meaning he will let things happen as he retrogrades on the 9th.

This means that there is a way to not react, meaning not go knock on His door on a personal level when it comes down to collective chaos. Go in, follow his guidance, let is happen, the collective game cannot be played if the individuals do not feed it, however voracious the enemy.

Find the inner hero and fight your own inner battles, breathe, fill the space with this gorgeous Moon.

Wherever Aries is in your chart is where you need to breathe deeply, got to the houses where Pisces and Virgo are, and find comfort in the ocean of Love that is within you.

Enjoy fully

Shant Joti

If you'd want to know where in your chart are the culminating forces and changes, drop me a line


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