• Jocelyne Maréchal

Get the drift and make the shift!

New Moon in Aries: Courage to recognize that our bodies always adapt, build antibodies, tunes in to the biological human potential.

New Moon in Aries: Courage to recognize that a change in behavior and consciousness is necessary to stay tuned.

This New Moon is all about courage, but courage to do what? There is now a great need for courage to get through this period of changes that are so radical. Everyone has to learn something, work differently, be at home with family or be alone, stay healthy because we have to harmonize with something we do not really want to. We have to change our behavior.

Courage is also about looking beyond the resonance this virus has on ourselves and shift to higher consciousness. Tsunamis, fires, earthquakes did not make it through our thick skulls. We feel sorry but never change much of anything.

Maybe Nature understands this and is now confining us to a state of being that is more inclined to get the drift! ...and make the shift!

Nature might say "Stop running wild and sit, contemplate, meditate, learn to ease your mind. Plan for something to add to your life that will support your intention.


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