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Gemini full MOON. Throat chakra.

FULL MOON in GEMINI... Throat chakra

Gemini is ruled by Mercury who has gone direct and entered Sagittarius. Gemini-Sagittarius is playful... but the quincunx with Pluto conjunct Saturne ... with Venus squeezed in between suggest to choose your game well in this playtime!

Talk talk talk is coming from the outside (Tis the Season!) ... Venus asks that we watch our ways of communicating, be more reserved... observe sounds and the echo that resonates from words we hear and say... A square to Neptune will make this game really interesting... Neptune is so vague! So, be playful while using this time to see if the words you use, the tones and vibrations that are YOU. Is that me?? ...observe, journal, breathe deep and learn.

The prize is yours to find. Last full Moon of 2019 and this is the game all through the Holidays!

Everything that passes through the throat counts. Stay healthy.

With Love, Shant Joti


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