• Jocelyne Maréchal

Full Moon , October 1st, 5:05 EDT

This is a rare Blue Moon. There will be two full Moons in October, the next one on the 31st. Time in between is intense. I do think it is actually the beginning of the most intense time any of us have known in our lives.

Don't get me wrong, this intensity on a personal level does not have to be as bad a trip as it will be collectively. I remind you that we, as societies, as a civilization are going through huge changes that demand a lot of flexibility and resilience as we go through this together.

Think of an hourglass... Saturn is direct... TikTok... Tik Tok... one grain of sand at a time... 86400 seconds is given to each one of us each day.

On a personal level, this intensity can be used to make giant steps to change our habits, vision, perspectives values, and behavior!

Mars is now the closest it can be to Earth and it will not come as close for another 15 years! This is hot... very hot...

So, best advice: work out some strategy to use this very powerful time for your own benefit and for the benefit of humanity. The good use of time is key here for each one of us.

We can engage in inner works. We can use the heat to warm up hearts and generate more human kindness.

Any investment in the heat of action out there will create an even more powerful and constrictive reaction.

This is a time to trust, not in human power but in the power of life... of intention.

This is a quantum leap for humanity. We, together, create the web that holds it all together, from the heart.

Music to listen to through the next two months:

From the wonderful PEARL, Maiden -Mother-Crone album by Sat Purkh

Durga mantra starting with drums that will induce you to a breathing rhythm as you chant that opens a great portal for your intention to reach your creative power.

And why not dress in inspiring organic cotton to tune into feminine energy from my friend Nina at

...and have a powerful Full Moon!



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