• Jocelyne Maréchal

Full Moon eclipse, listen...

January 10th, 2020.

This extremely dynamic eclipse activates the six planets in Capricorn by opposition. The pull-down on the existing structures will be very strong and it will rock the ship we're on, high winds of change are here.

There is one beautiful and very discrete presence, a feminine presence that will stand right by Saturne to face the Full Moon at 20˚ Cancer.

Meet Chariklo, a small asteroid with beautiful rings. She is the one who has the antidote. It is said that Chiron, the wounded healer had to find an antidote to his own poisoned arrows before he could send healing ones. Chariklo is Chiron's wife. Meaning the meeting of the sickness and the healing. This feminine power heals by her presence alone. She is grace and elegance. She will stand along with Saturne through the conjunction with Pluto and the passage into Aquarius, the future.

She observes with the knowledge that all heals and she stands firm, not disturbed nor surprised by the suffering as the wound opens.

Do not be surprised, We have known that leaders will fall, and we know that all that needs to go will fall with them. No alarms, no surprises. We now have the knowledge to sail through a Universe way bigger than any ocean and it is inside each one of us.

Take good care, rest, appreciate who you are and reach out to your full potential for peace ...

Silence..... Sama.... be the antidote.


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