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Full Moon. Bring it home.

September 14, 2019

Full Moon in Pisces.

So, things have not been going the way you would have like it to go. Since last April there has been so much stagnation, things did not work out, nothing seemed to move until two or three weeks ago, you did make some changes. All these planets in Virgo, earth sign anchored the will to make some external move to kickstart a change.

Think of last spring,, there was something that went more and more wrong,,, something that made you feel that whatever made you feel bad could not continue. Summer time with planets in Cancer opposite Saturn Pluto plus 5 retro nothing seemed to move whatever you did. Check it out, maybe you spend the summer playing with toys that took you away from boredom. Maybe you thought that this will end and everything will get back as it was... good luck, not this time.

Time is now. Change is now. Hold on to this new fresh flow of life you have been waiting for.

Notice how two or three weeks ago you made some move. Maybe small things, but you did something. There is a wave rising, not a big one but this is the start of a momentum.

This FULL MOON . in Pisces guides us deep in the ocean inside of us so that the next waves begin to rise higher. The deeper in you go the bigger the momentum the better and easier the change

There is time. Take the time. Make the next few days yours as much as possible. Saturn is going direct on the 18th. Stay within and acknowledge deep down what it is that you need to do so you feel better about yourself, about your life. Then hold the direction, stay on course and let it ride, Pluto id also going direct mid October, that is when the momentum will really pick up.

Every minute of the day, breathe in deep and then breathe deeper....

On the social side, let go, Pisces is the past. Saturn Pluto in Capricorn are well on their way destroying old patterns. Do not get caught up in the coming carefully written scenarios of present leaders. Chose the wave you want to ride and enjoy the surf!

Love always

Shant Joti


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