• Jocelyne Maréchal

From afar to far in

Welcome. There are very powerful cosmic events happening as we all know with this Pluto Saturn transit. The coming eclipse in Cancer comes to empower the energy of this transit.

Individually, check where in your chart falls 10° Cancer. This is where you need to set a new intention.

Think about where you where in your head, in your heart in 2009-2010 . What did you start then how did you see the future then, How did this turn out for you. Is something over... maybe it it done and you are now bored with it, even if you succeeded. There is a link to be made there.

The eclipse is a boost for a change in direction. If you go far in you will realize that you know perfectly well what you need to do.

There is also two other transits, one on the 9th and another on the 11th.

We need to be aware that time as come to raise the ante. Introspection is of the essence. Go far in because the energy from afar is of such powerful frequency ... tune in. It is time to let go let go let go of past , drop it , whatever you are hanging on, loosen up. Look forward,

The best part is Neptune square Jupiter, Sagittarius and Pisces... no boundaries, freedom, this is also going on so make sure you stay anchored, balanced. Do not fall for the hypnotic ways of leaders giving a sense of being lost, going left and right, ... Enjoy the freedom inside through your center point. Stay with your tribe, keep your discipline and be a leader.

However these transit have affected you, you come out with more patience and self-compassion. It's a good thing.

On the collective side, we can expect more control of the masses, more action in the security, protection issues. In the same time, eclipses acts as some kind of electrical shut down.

Things are going one way, then a sudden change of direction ... the light comes back and we have moved, things have changed. It is as if a drowsy consciousness had set in for the last couple of years that brought awareness to what is not essential and with this eclipse, events will bring the masses back, a wake up call.

This is followed on the 9th and 11th bu two other important transits.

Mars conjunct Mercury square Uranus in Taurus... change of direction in economy... watch the Brexit, the eclipse happens on UK midheaven chart. Watch the market... there is a powerful sense of separation...

I will be back soon , talking about healing with cosmic frequencies...

A beautiful Sun Moon time to you!


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