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Freedom: constrict and construct

Updated: Aug 7

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Extremely clear messages came through dreams for me and many of you who wrote to me since this past full moon. Thank you for sharing.

It is clear that most dreams have to do with the constricting circumstances we are submitted to now. Dreams of looking for something or having lost something are frequent. Some find something was lost for a long time... This is all about FREEDOM

Saturn is all about constriction and construction. Represented by the snake we only have to imagine how digesting something many times your size is done.

The very symbolic hiding of the mouth, fear to breathe and the very real conform and obey rules remind us of that snake... what is that truth that is too big for us to digest...

A free person can open her mind and see how to construct out of this tight place. A free person ...

Saturn is in Capricorn until December, going direct in mid-September constricting some more. Then, it will enter Aquarius, domain of the mind. The mischievous ways of men who try to construct a limited mind, a restricted vision of Freedom will be hard at work.

So stay free. Remain free at heart. Breathe freely, deep in the true powers of life. The Universe works in mysterious ways...

Check out where Saturn the snake is in your chart. Constrict what oppresses your freedom !!!

Breathe, enjoy and share !


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