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... until the New Moon...

On March 6th there will be a beautiful New Moon. This Moon and Sun meeting is accompanied by Neptune and Vesta. The highest ideal (Neptune) loves this company, Vesta is a powerful force of self actualization. She is the Goddess of the heart.

The next new Moon is also on the cosmic scene where 5 planets are in mutable signs. Mutable signs have no boundaries and Neptune emphasize our capacity to reach high, dream big in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is all about the Truth... my truth! the darker side of Pisces is all about secrets, things we do not say, hidden truths, even to ourselves!

This, my friends, means that still riding on the majestic entrance of the full Moon in Virgo where we were more grounded we now enter an energy where lack of focus is easy. You may go more aggressively in the next few days and then wander what was true or not... even your own doing, passion may have driven you to push a bit past what you can really offer.

Remember I spoke about Mercury right by Neptune on the full moon... do not analyze? Well Neptunes waves are now with Vesta, go with the heart. Do not get caught in the questioning of what is true or not on the outside world.

Sunday February 24th. Anchor strongly and go deeply in starting today, Moon in Scorpio. This full Moon in Virgo addressed a particular house in your chart, how did it support you?

Monday February 25th. When we go in deep, something is bound to resurface, stay awake and aware.

Tuesday February 26. 27. and 28. Moon in Sagittarius, a fun sign, Moon will meet with Jupiter on Wednesday the 27th, have fun, let your heart sign take this time to breathe and prepare for a shift.

Friday March 1. and 2, Moon in Capricorn is very serious business mostly when she visits such hosts as Pluto and Saturn. remember going deep a few days ago. Maybe the resurfacing is happening now. It is important to remember that the source of this energy is in the domain of the house where your sign of Capricorn is and let yourself feel the message this Moon is whispering in your heart.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, March 3. 4. 5 Moon in Aquarius. The sign of the future. Have a few breath in the now often during those days... on the hour ... because tomorrow...

Tuesday, March 6. Uranus enters Taurus and Chiron enters Aries!

Magnificent times to be witness to this great turn and changes that are at the horizon.

Uranus likes to shake things up but Taurus is the "steady , easy does" sign... don't make waves...

So the way I know Uranus , He will show its authority and power right from the start and move this earthly sign of Taurus.

Agriculture: Earth as we know it is suffering (as well as people) very much from the techniques that are now in place. These may be reenforced because Taurus is also finance so these guys are not quitting. What I mean by reenforced is that other major players may get in on that movement and the engine of war becomes more defined, more clear to the masses. Meanwhile there are other technology that have to do with cleaner sources theatre expanding. Plants being grown using different rays, colours of light. The masses ways of nourishing themselves will be changed dramatically in the next 5 to 7 years.

Finances Again technology will change the way we use money dramatically, it is already there but the echo of the no cash practice, I believe, will resonate in the sense of exchange between people more than a sense of paying. Values will return to a more personal level... sort of we will touch or phones as we used to shake hands. This will only happen as fast as we accept these changes. By the way, the changes in techno possibilities are all ready to hit us with so much more speed... keeping up to date will be a challenge for many. Uranus is a big part of generation gaps. See the next generation in a world completely different from what we know now.

Health Technology in the medical world is also started but not known or accepted... believed by many. It is already possible to scan the human body with a device that is also attached to headphones that will send healing sounds or a device that will send healing vibrations. Chiron entering Sagittarius is revealing antidotes to much of the abusive techniques. Chiron heals, we need to heal ourselves "together" . This is about interconnection and beautiful energy.

Yogis knew all of this millions of years ago. So many scientists talk about how group meditation elevate and helps the sufferings, the hungry. Time to go deeper in our knowledge, to read about quantum physics, Lynne McTaggath: The Intention Experiment, The power of eight...

Start to invest more beliefs into the powers of light, of sounds, of thought sharing. Invest in our potentiality to be so much more ... because we will be sooner than you think. Do not stay behind with what will disappear in a dark past.

This beautiful New Moon is about beginning a new exploration... new fields. Have a look at old ways... I mean old... Heal with herbs, lay on the ground and feel the earth axis move...

Some people believe what they see, some people see what they believe.

Always a pleasure to share with you,

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Love and gratitude always

Shant Joti


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