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Emotional energy, New Moon

Updated: Jul 18

Water and Earth. Time to build based on emotional energy!

On July 20th, the new Moon will be at 28*30 Cancer. The last full Moon in Cancer was on the 5th of July, the last eclipse.

This makes this New Moon in Cancer much more intense. Cancer is all about emotions, the New Moon about initiation, a new beginning.

Meanwhile, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are retrograde in Capricorn, meaning they are kind of giving us a break of rational (Capricorn) as Saturn (Kronos) says Time-out, and Jupiter on his part whispers:" enjoy while you can ", Pluto says "let it go, chose what you need to reject and leave it behind".

The New Moon is always meeting with the Sun and this time, Vesta is joining in. this is all about harmony and balance.

Earth, letting the dust fall. Water, emotions. Water and Earth are great to rebuild. Build a strong emotional body. This is Cancer time versus Capricorn. Choose and initiate your journey based on some good stuff... Joy, compassion. care, drop the heavy load... let go.

In two days the Sun will be home in Leo... Fire sign. It will support your choice.

Do this as the three big guys are asleep... retro.

Saturne will wake up and go direct mid-September, Jupiter end of September, and Pluto early October.

If we cannot change outside situations, life invites us to change ourselves. Emotional energy can be like wild horses and lose grip when tensions build. Learn to ride, do not try to tame these horses. The power of Nature itself is taking control. Enjoy.

Karmic charts are very impressive in these particular times.

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