• Jocelyne Maréchal

Eclipse... crossing paths

So many expressive fiery words describe this beautiful moon. Beautiful is my choice word. She will take in all of the sun's fire and share with us the flame we need to keep going courageously ahead with the changes we already started , In 2018 we thought of what we could do, towards the end of the year we planed and started to believe we could do this and now we are in it. Ant as I explained for the eclipse on the 6th, momentum picked up.

Socially politically financially, changes are more and more coming to an end... speed will pick up some more with Uranus we can be sure of that.

Manipulative maneuvers well create corners hard to turn in many levels.

If you are changing things in your life, relationships, caring for health issues, starting a conscious social or financial movement get ready, it will move.

Anything could happen with Uranus and with any unstable mind in position of power, supporters and people who surround them should be ready to reveal the truth before satellites start falling.

Much to say about spatial programs secret to most... new revelations on how budget was spent should clear up the air. That is Uranus at work. Next July, all of us who worked on human embitterment will enjoy a great sense of accomplishment.

Enjoy this Beauty and Power, join in with your brightest flame!

With Love

Shant Joti


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