• Jocelyne Maréchal

Current transit that slow us down- Saturn

We have wished for "the machine" to slow down for a good while. We have known that we cannot keep on doing what we do... destroying the planet, destroying our air, our water ... our spirit for much longer. Saturn retro will give us hints. Yes, this crisis is a hint!

Saturn retro is like a giant foot that slams the breaks of this fast train. Whatever comes to slow down this world is becoming more and more personal because if it does not touch us individually we stay asleep at the wheel! We stay on this fast train heading nowhere with a smile on our face.

In my blogs I have been talking about stability and personal changes. Outer and inner revolution. Take care of your own evolution. .. meaning slow down and take time to look then SEE. Look around and see inside... see through the destruction... see the creation.

This virus has succeeded in slowing everything down. This is what we wanted? No?

Ah... not that way? Sorry, we do not get to chose how this will happen, we past our turn on that one.

Something will slow down that train again, then it will disappear ... momentum will pick up again and there we will be, ready to get back on the train again... and again...

People do not get it. July will come and something will hit the breaks again... Then back on the train? Then December... short but important stop. Many will come off and stay off... and more in 2021.. Know that this is nothing compare to the eventual derailment 2024.

This is not to create fear but to create faith! In order to come out strong and completely changed out of this we cannot freak out and keep grabbing on to this train. Let go. Let this cleansing wind bring the answer we have prayed for. Do it gratefully and carry on..


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