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Cosmic agreement...

The slow movement of the earth's axis is caused by the differential gravitational forces of the Sun and the Moon on the Earth. We can see some changes within space and time of the equinoxes but just how much do we see. Just as we believe that animals have a black and white with tones of grey, our vision is of material forms.

We see a man on the moon, Chinese see a rabbit on the moon ... I see the rays of the moon, perfect white light coming to meet the palm of my hand if I "will" it, ever since I can remember.

We all can see the sun light, beautiful rays crossing through the clouds. We can all see light, it's a matter of will and practice.

The cosmic agreement between human beings is with beings of all other planets and galaxies. They are not in material form but in energy form. It is the very core of the Universal law.

The mystic white light of the Moon offers the opportunity to reflect the powers of these planets through primary colors. We all use to See these colours in and around each other and in all nature. Ancient masters and shamans kept this capacity and passed it on through generations. Some of our marvellous nature's vegetation allows us to get glimpses of this great hidden Truth. Meditation on the chakras opens the door to live in this world of planetary energies as a part of this agreement.

The trans-Saturnian planets, Saturn being the Guardian of the threshold, the Gates of Heaven, is now and will all year and part of next year meet with Pluto. This is a new agreement that concerns all of us, humanity. It is important to be in touch with who we are as an individual, that our relationship with our personal planets be clear, powerful and present so that we can participate to the greater movements of the cosmos as one. Humanity has entered a slow movement of our spiritual axis and the shift has been going on for the last few centuries but is now reaching its peak. This is not something we have to be subject to as outer overpowering forces, it is something that offers the opportunity to surpass ourselves and regain the capacities we came here with, deep deep in our heart. This is the Spirit of Life itself wanting to be seen.

VENUS guides us in the practice of Seeing the ethics the beauty in everyone and everything. Through her we find warmth for others and a sense of deeper compassion

MARS enhances our sense of initiative. Mars is too often seen as an aggressive asset. Initiative is the capacity to put into gear our deepest values and rise up. This is where we find determination, tolerance, patience. We use aggressiveness to shift from reacting to neutral observation. Let us use this energy to accept our emotionally charged mind, forgive and move on to find peace.

MERCURY guides our thought processing in a way that we can communicate, share, exchange with people and all nature. This is the guide to listen to when the outer thoughts impose their rhythm on our own original values. Mercury demands truth.

Mercury retrograde offers a way to reconsider... shift back to our own interior dialogue in order to be true to ourselves and to nature's intelligence.

Let the SUN remind us always how luminous we can be.

Through the white light of the MOON, with the crystal clear primary colors there isn't one tone we cannot create. Through Breath there isn't one vibration we cannot feel. We are so much more than what we believe we are.... The Moon constantly reminds us of our capacity to reflect.

To better participate to this great cosmic agreement, it is important to make sure that we tend to the domain where the Saturn Pluto conjunction is in our chart. That is where the light gets in.

With love always

Shant Joti


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