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Conscious evolution...

Conscious evolution is humankind's most precious gift... journeying through life with the awareness that the voyage is happening inside...from the heart to the head and back to the heart.

The purest energies that guide your life are anchored in your heart. This is the celestial geometry of your greatest Self, the key for the home of Spirit, It is the seat of the soul.

We carry this purity all our life and when we are unhappy, angry or not well in any way, that is what we long for, the pure energies we were given, and these are clear and clean, They are present in all that make us feel good inside, what makes us smile. we need to bring them out in our words and actions to feel whole and blessed.

The signs of the zodiac are just another language we can use to stay on course… or to find our way back to the heart if lost

The next blogs will be about each signs and the guidance they convey for each one of us. Whether we are born in one sign or not does not mean that we do not have to go through its powers and energies. I will start with Capricorn where the intensity is concentrated since and for a few months, and for some, a few years. You wan to check in which house your Capricorn is and you will know what part of your life will demand the adjusting for you to go on your journey. The sign of Cancer, which opposes Capricorn will follow.

You can get your chart done on many sites for free.

If you do not have your birth hour or need help getting your chart or need interpretation, contact me at . Please name the subject: My chart

With Love, Shant Joti


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