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Clarity- Reaction, Mars Lilith and Chiron

Updated: Jul 18

On July 20th, The New Moon is in Cancer, Mars the red planet conjunct Chiron and Lilith is also in Aries.!!! From the 22nd the sun will be in Leo, Mars, and Sun both in fire signs. Mars is the leading energy until mid-September On August 8th, Mars will shine its red light on the unknown... How far can we see? Mars energy is very powerful at this time, how well do we want to see... how much do we want to know. How are we going to react to the truths that will come out all through this month and into the first 2 weeks of September???

Chiron is about health, physical emotional spiritual financial health, you name it because they are all concerned and subject to change.

Before Saturn Jupiter and Pluto come direct, Mars is direct and very very active until it retrogrades the end of September. Impulsivity is strong and the desire to do things, to make decisions about some near future is powerful. But Mars will go retrograde as Saturn and Jupiter go direct. They will pick up what Mars has prepared, and chances are your plans will not be appropriate considering a clearer view of global events.

There will be more control with Mars retro that is one thing that is certain. Individually, keep a daily practice., set up breathing time, inhale peace exhale tensions, and stress. Do this many times a day for a few minutes each time. Stop and take time to reflect on where your head is at, where your soul is at.

Neptune is there, calm and steady. Listen to the spirit of times and go slowly.

If we look up the state of the world the insecurity lays on what we do not know, doubts that we have that create fear, what we fear we are not being told, when will we know... That deep deep emotional undertow that needs to be expressed is just waiting for some revelation... some other social forces to create a new wave.

So we need to get our feet well planted on the ground, Our heart set on caring for each other, supporting each other and figure out the next six months how we can simplify our life to the maximum and in the same time, know where we are at in our own journey.

A karmic chart is a great tool. You need to know where in your chart the main energies are rising, giving your soul journey a deep sense of stability through this.

30 to 45 minutes session,

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