• Jocelyne Maréchal

Chose your frequency

Updated: Sep 24

Momentum is picking up. We can feel it. Many want to move, to meet, to share meals and activities together, and wish that the slowing down of time would stop. We are like little children who have to stay at the table when they don't like the meal...Well, we are not going anywhere just yet and the table is set in the heavens, serve yourself.

Mars turned around and returns on its tracks to square Saturn who stopped backing up and is getting ready to move forward. Better hit the breaks. It is a lot of red lights, a lot of control, rules, and new ways of slowing down this train.

Actually, remember that the majority of people wanted a change in life! We keep forgetting that we have been looking for a way to change our destructive ways ... This is it! Don't be scared of it, it will work out better if we stay light and not fill up on the chaos.

Full Moon on the 1st in Aries. She will wane into the red aura of Mars when Pluto himself comes direct.

Moon : emotions, impulsive and aggressive Mars, Pluto governments, Saturn regulations Jupiter order...

Here is a suggestion for a healthy serving: We are entering the sign of Libra, use the scale!

Balance your emotions on one side and your practice on the other, this will keep order in your heart and mind. Use your aggressivity to make a step toward your dream, your goal, do not lose sight of it but keep this goal about you... who are you becoming through this experience? Govern yourself. Control yourself. Emotional and mental balance are keys.

We will be sitting at this table where some will shout others will not be heard, frustration may rise and create havoc. This will come in waves all through October and November. This is a collective momentum. You individually chose how you participate.

Chose your frequency. Bring your own song to the table, follow the beat of your heart. The one next to you might pick up on it and the next one... Be part of the peaceful change.


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