• Jocelyne Maréchal

New Moon, Chiraklo and the antidote

The world does not lack wonders. We forget to delight in it.

In mythology, the great Healer Chiron searched for 900 years the antidote to his poisoned arrows. He found Chiraklo. From there on he sent healing arrows.

The antidote that healed him was also a Centaur. The sacred beings from the Centaurus Belt bring stamina. This new moon, we can intend to raise the rules by which we live. Chiraklo is with us also to remind us that the true virus on this earth is man's disregard for LIFE.

The proposed solutions, mixtures of all kinds, pressures, unclear messages, divisions, separations, and plain bully behavior must not be taken lightly. The planet is sick and so are we. We need to balance up, prioritize. The most important thing to do is to free ourselves of all that extra stuff that take the space of light. We need to simplify to not be part of the demand for the things we wish to stop seeing and living. Too much takes more than space, it occupies our minds stealing precious time much needed for our spirit to become a source of Light.

It is now important to simply delight in LIFE. Yoga or any regular practice will enhance this intention.

For those interested in natural ways to clean the body, keep Chiron in heart-mind. Chiron had searched and mastered plants and mixed homeopathic solutions. People have healed themselves for millenniums... They used green clay patches, white fine clay water, activated carbon, see weeds. All of these will attract the toxins and naturally carry them out of your system.

Shine your Light and dance your LIFE


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